About Suyogya

Howdy, I’m Suyogya. I’m a Happiness Engineer at Automattic living in Delhi, India. I am a fan of technology, photography, and music. I’m also interested in design and web development. Over at Automattic, I work with the WordPress.com team to help people use our products on a daily basis. This is Technobooz, my nest in the web. Right now, I am learning User Experience Design from Interaction Design Foundation.

I also enjoy attending WordCamps and pretty much any other Open Source event. You can find me speaking in some of them. I started fiddling with the idea of creating my first website when I was in class 6th, sometime around 2011. I ended up creating my first website in the same year and then one thing to led another and here I am, working as a WordPress.com Happiness Ninja at Automattic.

What I do

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I should clarify, I post very occasionally

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This is the place where you expect to find a contact form to reach out to me. Unfortunately, I believe putting a contact form on your website is a bad idea.

With that being said, you can either stalk me on my social media profiles (right below this section) or send me an email at shuklasuyogya at gmail.com. Or, if you’re too lazy, you can just use the button below. Don’t worry, I won’t know if you used the button (or will I?) Also, I am not taking any projects as of now.